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#1: Don’t know what to sell? Let me show you and find out why having a ‘shark tank’ idea or trying to invent something new can cause failure, even if you don’t know where to start. You’ll gain much needed confidence in yourself after this training. 

#2: How to narrow down your niche or your passion, to scale quickly in the business even if you have no blog, or website, no personal brand or no audience. 

#3: Don’t have a big social media following? Don’t worry. You’re in the right place because I’ll show you the little-known trick that sold a truckload of pillowcases with zero following. 

#4: How to charge $3K – $12K for your offers and get extra 2-4 high ticket marketing clients every month, cloning the same system and applying the same strategies. 

#5: 10X your business, income and lifestyle. Literally. This free training is not niche-centric. No matter what business niche you choose, you can scale your venture with my strategies, without slogging 40+ hours every week. 

About the Host:
Dixita Galiyal is an author, digital marketer, business coach and a 6-figure online entrepreneur from India. She’s about to hit 7-figure in revenue with her online business in the coming months. She has helped individuals (her students) and small-scale businesses to grow and scale their revenue with just online marketing and sales funnels. But, it wasn’t easy for her from the beginning. ​​​​​​​In this Free Masterclass, you’ll learn from Dixita how she started her successful 6-figure online business and she’ll show you how you too can start yours from the comfort of your home.

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You want to start your service-based business or maybe you already are running your business, but you’re tired of rejection emails or worst – “no replies” to your offers. You’re a content creator, but your content is ignored online by the clients. (It feels terrible, we know!)

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You’re A Lost Entrepreneur With No Direction, And Don’t Know Where To Go…

Folks who are confused and can’t decide which path to choose and how to go about it. These are the lost souls who have no direction with no guidance. 


Hey there! My name is Dixita. I’ve been an online marketer since last 4 years and during that time, I’ve sold almost all types of affiliate products – fitness programs, ebooks, cooking shows, supplements and digital courses. In my career, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, seen some failures too, and I’ve had some great successes, as well. No matter what niche or strategy, my approach all these years has been the same – Use a model or framework that creates intense desire for a product/offer and then leverage that framework to send the right kind of traffic through the affiliate link. I’ve developed a quality training program, that’s one of our best-selling products, for you to promote and market, that will help you create your own passive income.


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Dixita’s Books

Top-Notch Business

The Technical Playbook For Starting Your Venture And Scaling It For Future

In this updated edition, Dixita reveals some of her greatest hacks to launching and scaling online businesses and selling services and products after testing hundreds of her own runs.

Identify your passion and check if it’s profitable or not. Work on your business model, and you’ll consistently generate tens of thousands of revenue in your venture. Implement the technical strategies, work on your business idea, transform it into your passive income stream and then scale it by growing your business.

Online Marketing HACKS

The Technical Action-Oriented Book To Help Your Marketing Journey

In this smart and action-oriented guide, Dixita presents a proven solution that will take you and your online marketing business from scratch to successful running business online.

If you’re running a business and don’t have good conversions, or your marketing campaigns don’t convert that well, implement the hacks of internet marketing along with profitable marketing platforms and tools for your business, that are tried & tested since last five years.


Dixita Galiyal Live

The Only Monthly Marketing Event That You Just Can’t Miss!

Every month, hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners come together for one day for the legit marketing training, on one call. This live webinar is designed to help you build and scale your own presence and personal brand using the knowledge of internet marketing.

Who is Dixita Galiyal?

Since 2013, Dixita has built a strong relationship with her followers and subscribers (targeted platforms – Quora & LinkedIn), by solving their questions/queries on SAP, ERP Solutions, Career Guidance, Business Strategies and Self Growth, sold thousands of digital products online through internet marketing, helped hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs with the concept of business model, sales funnel and paid advertising, founded two Digi-Tech Startups called SES and HG before 2020, that help corporations with live SAP Business Solutions and other hundreds of small-scale businesses with their business growth and future scalability.