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SES 105: How to Leverage SAP S/4HANA Cloud for your Online Business/Venture?

Business these days do need innovation for their customers. That’s why SAP S/4HANA Cloud, as the intelligent ERP has cloud that adds another dimension.

SES 102: All About Cyber Security and Digital Transformation

The digital revolution is the main reason behind the digital transformation and the digital technology is characterized by the access of internet as a medium of communication and the availability of smart devices and programmable controllers.

SES 97: How Maps Have Become Easy with SAPUI5?

With the advent of SAP UI5, Maps and 3D Visualizations have become easy. For someone who’s worked in the SAP industry and has experience in SAP, they would know and understand, when we talk to customers, we usually see that spatial applications fall into two distinct groups – spatially driven and spatially enabled. So, today

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SES 86: How to Make Faster Decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud?

Did you know that you can now empower your customers and users to take business decisions faster and more efficiently with advanced Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning? Did you know that you can improve your decision-making process and understand the business more precisely? Now the question is how? All this is possible

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SES 82: Setting up of SAP Data Hub

FYI – This blog is a little technical and describes all key essentials of SAP Data Hub and Development, mainly for a developer or a consultant. SAP provides a special arena called Developers Arena, where you can monitor your progress by logging into the SAP website with your S-user credentials, and keep a track of

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SES 80: What’s the Workflow in SAP Fiori?

By Dictionary, a Workflow is a repetitive and orchestrated way of a business activity. It usually clubbed with a group of operations or activities of a person or a business structure or simply a process. So, as the name suggests, a workflow is a flow of activities or operations in a proper defined sequence in

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SES 78: Get More Customers with SAP Customer Data Cloud

Did you know that you can grow your business to a wider range of audience and build customer relationships with the help of SAP Customers Data Cloud? For all the small-scale businesses and B2B businesses, it is a boon. If you’re planning to start a business soon, or are running one, and if you aren’t

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SES 75: Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Did you know that you could quickly begin your SAP implementation and drive ROI by partnering with the industry experts or engineers and consultants all around the world, to support your SAP implementation? And did you know that you could do all that using SAP Cloud Platform Integration? A service of SAP Cloud Platform Integration

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