Online Marketing HACKS Paperback

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Are you tired of trying different ways to start a profitable business online? Do you promise to yourself every now and then to apply good marketing strategies but nothing works out for you?Are you looking for a road-map or a guide to help your marketing knowledge from scratch to fully-fledged running online marketing business? That too, as quickly as possible, without a break or stress and having to look for thousand tutorials online?

In this smart and action-oriented book/guide, Dixita Galiyal presents a proven solution that will take you and your online marketing business from scratch to successful running business online in 90 days!
In this book, Online Marketing HACKS, you will find:
• Dixita’s 5 hacks for Online Marketing that takes your marketing strategies from the scratch to the development stage in a week (get your marketing campaigns running in no time!).
• Understand and get hands-on with the latest tools and platforms available for maximum success 7in Online Marketing (SEO, Content Development, Email Marketing, Data Analytics & Social Media Tools).
• Dixita’s Most Effective Conversion Hack – that works excellent for any kind of online business, even if you don’t have an email list or subscribers count.
• 4 Prime steps to Affiliate Marketing…and also learn 7 tested ways to make $100/day from Affiliate Marketing of any product online.

Online Marketing HACKS equips readers with the essential knowledge and skills required for Online Marketing to unlock the Entrepreneur that has been burning inside them, calling them to share their wisdom with the world. Online Marketing HACKS turns aspiring online marketers into successful full-time Entrepreneurs.Online Marketing HACKS also helps you grow your income, authority, and business through online marketing strategies used by businesses today to become billionaires.

Don’t wait. Buy this book and unlock the benefits of being an Entrepreneur today!


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