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SES 105: How to Leverage SAP S/4HANA Cloud for your Online Business/Venture?

Business these days do need innovation for their customers. That’s why SAP S/4HANA Cloud, as the intelligent ERP has cloud that adds another dimension.

SES 104: Efficient Ways to do Savings

Irrespective of your stage in the financial journey, you can take those steps in the right direction and turn around your financial status by saving money.

SES 103: Tips for Better Work Life Balance

It is proven that working people are majorly afraid of the layoffs because of which they invest in too many hours at work and thus, find it difficult to find a work balance. This had led to people glue to their smart phones all the time, attending calls even when they’re not working.

SES 102: All About Cyber Security and Digital Transformation

The digital revolution is the main reason behind the digital transformation and the digital technology is characterized by the access of internet as a medium of communication and the availability of smart devices and programmable controllers.

SES 101: How to Self-Publish Your First Book on Amazon?

Gone are those days when an aspiring author had to spend months writing the proposal of the book and sample chapters. Gone are those days when he had to then contact agents to check if they’d be interested in pitching your story/book to the leading publishers or publishing houses. There was a time when major

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SES 100: Top Marketing Books of 2020

In a team of professionals working in a firm, it is common that every individual will address the problem differently and will come up with the solution in their own individual ways. Thus, it gets difficult sometimes to agree on a method that works for them, for their firm. The final method, after discussions and

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SES 98: Important Benefits of Online Marketing You Should Know

Are you tired of trying different ways to start a profitable business online? Do you promise to yourself every now and then to apply good marketing strategies but nothing works out for you? Are you looking for a road-map or a guide to help your marketing knowledge from scratch to fully-fledged running online marketing business?

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SES 96: Top Business Books of 2020

When you have a 9-5 job and you wish to start your own business someday soon, it’s little difficult to get started with the venture initially. On the other hand, if you’re a billionaire or a successful businessman, then the probability of you getting top investors for your new business ideas, is pretty high. I

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